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16 July 2007 – The End :’o)

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Today is our last day all together… it’s sad when i think about these. But we have a lot of great things to do together before!! We made a final evaluation, and that great to see that at the end nobody speack More about Food!!!Argent something funny happen about the evaluation of the trip because i made a mistake when I evaluate the trips. I would like to put my place in very happy place for the trips but i put myself in unhappy place. After I saw Mustafa and Bibie speack, they was worried about this unhappy feeling: « hey Mustafa, Look, somebody didn’t like the trips!! wwwhhhaaaaouuuu it’s strange no? »

fter the final evaluation we went to roquefere for eat a great french meal again, may be it was the best one during these exchange, the food was really wonderfull. People was happy with full stomaches and they bstarted at 3 pm the presentation to the local people. some of them come (parents and maire), it was great. At the beginin every country sing a song in their own langage. Then we showed a little piece of theatre wich was discrubing all what we have done during these intensive week. We finished with a picture presentation. After we came back to Lezignan and we finish a final evaluation with another kind of tools.

Each other wrote what did he learn from this exchange, what was wrong and what he will try to do in the future for nature and environement. This day finished with the goodby party. We made a big barbecue, speack, sing dance and give our contacts to each other for stay in touch. Bibie and Maria was a lot busy, it’s a little pity because many people want to enjoy more with them.
But everybody want that bibie give us back our money for travel so she must work and count.

Also Maria collect everything for the newspaper for give it to Bibie. It was little bit sad to see them work when we had fun… the first bus was going at 3 am in the nigth with the finish people. it was a really sad moment, everybody realize that this exchange was too short!!emoticone

The next bus was around 5 in the morning with the estonian, polish and hungarian group…… but estonian people lost the plane because of slowly driver and they stay 4 day more in house with Michel and Bibie, Also with the turkish group because they stay one day more. It was so wonderfull, Michel prepare the Food, Aysun try the snails, Dima was in love with the « Moules », Bibie could enjoy the moment witout preparing any workshop. After these everybody was more and more sad to leave Carcassonne.

Tanks to the ADHC and the Bales familly to Host us…

See you soon my friend. I wait for you in Tallin!

Sasha from estonia

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15 July 2007 – Lasts group works and presentations :o)

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Today Morning after breakfast we were finishing our group works.
We had a lot of job for prepare everything: theatre presentation, blog, pictures, newspaper and song for each countries. When everybody was ready, we went to visit the Castle of carcassonne. It is very big!! very beautifull!! Hold buildings make our imagination work and we imagine how did people live here before. We could buy some souvenirs, tastes french candies and visit the « house of horror ».

After this we went to villardonnel for eat a delicious french meal and see some concert in the village. People was very friendly and a lot was dancing or jumping. The music was a kind of old fashion and it give us a special energy after tiring day. In little village parties you can see and undestand better the mentality of french people, than from book or movies!Also Bibie spend time and dance with us it was great to see her have some free time!!emoticone

This day was very very very great we were sharing our emotions in the bus on the way back to Lezignan.

Thanks for this dayLangue
Sasha from estonia

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14 July 2007 – Sea and Firework of Carcassonne

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Today morning we leaved Lézignan for past some time near the sea. Here everybody who was tired could sleep? Brave people who are not afraid of the wawes and the wind went to swim in the sea. Also we could see lot of cooperation for the game. First, a multicultural team of football. We must say that Michel and Ilker are very good and win lot of time. Also we could see franko – Estonian cooperation of building a big sand castle. Luckily there was lot of wind and we could play with a fly – dragon.Cool

After we came back to Lézignan for take a shower and prepare to go to Carcassonne to see the fireworks. When we arrived to Carcassonne we had a little pique nique with pizza and some drinks. The fireworks were for me amazing! We couldn’t stop looking at the sky. Because of the time and the driver of the bus we must go before the end. But doesn’t matter for me it was the bigger one I Never see even without the end! After everybody took hands together for not losse each other in the big crowd. We were like one big family of 37 people Rire.

This day was full of emotions and we had good dreams in the bus during the way back to Lézignan.

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Oh yes! It was so good to sleep a lot. The whole group needed it. Most of us slept instead of the breakfast,too.
We went by bus to the sea. It was the first time in my life to bath in the sea.For the first time the water was very cold,and we had a strong wind, but when I got used to it,it was ok. It was a really great feeling to play with the waves. I love the sounds of the sea, and I like to touch the sand.

The view of the seaside, especially the rocks on the left reminded me the French impressionist pictures I have seen in art history books. Everything was really relaxing. When we got bored of sunbathing we went to walk and shop. We tried and bought a lot of clothes. Dima bought a kite. It was a great idea. The windy weather was perfect for this game. At the beginning it was difficult for me to keep the balance of the kite and it fell down many times, but after a few trial I could improve my kite-driving skills. :-)



13 July 2007 – Visit of Lastours Castles and renewable energy work

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Today the day was starting from tiring wake up. We have spent the day in place named LASTOURS.It s very beutiful place. In this village we have climed at the top of the mountain it was hard because the sun was were strong and shiny. On this mountain were 4 castles. We have a good guid it looks like a very smart persony. He explained as about these castles, it was very interesting. We have visited this archeological area and discovered cimetary, destroyed village and castle ruines. The men has explain the history of those castles and war in medieval period…

So, after we have a free time hole group spent, this time to make a lot of fantastik fotos! Next, we have lunch and we get a special coins of these castles (thanks Bibi)… And we back to Lézignan and a very great person speak about the environment and nature. It was interesting but we are all exhausted! After we play some energiser and do promess for the environment like we will plant trees, put off the light, protect forest, speak with people about environment and recycling solution, cooking with the sun.After that we have a great culture evening of france, finland and turkish.

That s all.

Daniel Estonia
Romain French cool man

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12 July 2007 – Climbing, Heating wood, Culture night

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Today we divided people of the exchange in two groups. The other group went to village Pradelles, while our group practised climbing in Villaniere Salsigne. In Pradelles there was a specialist guy talking about how the locals are getting their energy by burning the wood as a natural energy source. The exchange group was led to a huge pile of « plaquettes » which was on a small hill. It was interesting to see how the wood is only used for the need of people. For example in Finland there is lots of this kind of industry but the cuttings in forests is big time over the need of finnish peoples needs; so it is a huge export for abroad as a paper industry. The special guy told camp people about local forests of how they are first artificially planted, cutted down, made the plaquettes and brought into factory (which produces the hot water).

In Lake of Pradelles, it was a big pleasure to swim for the first time here. Estonian leader and finnish guy swam to nearby island and mounted there for a while, both of them got needles in their legs. We were also climbing in trees with the guidance of French professional climbers. I started the climbing in a big tree with small ladders in the beginning. One…two…three steps and *CRASH*, o n the ground again. Defeated by the first tree I gave try for another and climbed on top of it.

So far, the best day in France.

Timo (Finland)

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11 July 2007 – Presentation of countries, visit of Windmill in Pradelles

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We started the day of course with breakfast. The group met in the plenary room at 9:30. And as usual people who were late had to dance and sing with their sweat voice. The first session was the presentation of the countries about their energy politics and their nature. Each country showed their presentation to the group and we asked our question and we had a visitor named Frank TURLAN and he told about the clean energy and answered our questions.

Then we played a game named “Tabu”. It was about “Common European Values”. The game is like that; there are two groups and each group select one person. This person has one word to explain to the group and the group should guess the very word in one minute. But the rule is that; there are five words that the player can not use. After that session we were divided in three groups for the “group works” of the project: creating blog, newspaper, picture collecting. And the people in these groups met and prepared their plan for the group work that they will deal with during the project.

After all of these, we had our lunch in the hotel and we were ready to go to visit the “Windmills”. The name of the place is “Pradelles”. It was a bit rainy on that day but the reflections of the people about the visit were positive. We turned to the hotel at 19:00. So we didn’t have the time for group works. Since we were very tired, it must be because of bad weather. We ate our dinner and then we had free time.

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10 July 2007 – Icebreaking, Team building, City hunting…

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We started our project at 09:30. Except Estonian Team all other participants participated. After the workshop room we had some name games which was the first step of knowig each other more. and then we played some ice breaking games. Those games ma participants who are from different countries closer. And then, all the participants made an agreement about this exchange. These rules would be very important for the success of project. with the paricipation of Estonian team all partiipants played some trust games. And it was also an outdoor activity. After lunch we had energizers. We needed energizers because those made the participants ready to team buildings, city hunting and group works. afer team building we divided three sub-groups these groups had some missions to do in the city. for example; taking photo together in front of the church or learning the name of the restaurant near the swimming pool. and also, partcipants had some tasks that was about comunicating local people. after city hunting all the groups came back and made a presantation about their trip and experience. next ste of the exchange was group works. group works were; newspaper group, blog group and diary group. then, we had dinner at 19:30. at 21:00 we met gain in wokshop room for welcome party. at welcome party we ate nice foods and tried nice drinks. and we started t share goo memories.Pictures of the exchanges with the population in Lézignan

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