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12 July 2007 – Climbing, Heating wood, Culture night

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Today we divided people of the exchange in two groups. The other group went to village Pradelles, while our group practised climbing in Villaniere Salsigne. In Pradelles there was a specialist guy talking about how the locals are getting their energy by burning the wood as a natural energy source. The exchange group was led to a huge pile of « plaquettes » which was on a small hill. It was interesting to see how the wood is only used for the need of people. For example in Finland there is lots of this kind of industry but the cuttings in forests is big time over the need of finnish peoples needs; so it is a huge export for abroad as a paper industry. The special guy told camp people about local forests of how they are first artificially planted, cutted down, made the plaquettes and brought into factory (which produces the hot water).

In Lake of Pradelles, it was a big pleasure to swim for the first time here. Estonian leader and finnish guy swam to nearby island and mounted there for a while, both of them got needles in their legs. We were also climbing in trees with the guidance of French professional climbers. I started the climbing in a big tree with small ladders in the beginning. One…two…three steps and *CRASH*, o n the ground again. Defeated by the first tree I gave try for another and climbed on top of it.

So far, the best day in France.

Timo (Finland)

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