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14 July 2007 – Sea and Firework of Carcassonne

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Today morning we leaved Lézignan for past some time near the sea. Here everybody who was tired could sleep? Brave people who are not afraid of the wawes and the wind went to swim in the sea. Also we could see lot of cooperation for the game. First, a multicultural team of football. We must say that Michel and Ilker are very good and win lot of time. Also we could see franko – Estonian cooperation of building a big sand castle. Luckily there was lot of wind and we could play with a fly – dragon.Cool

After we came back to Lézignan for take a shower and prepare to go to Carcassonne to see the fireworks. When we arrived to Carcassonne we had a little pique nique with pizza and some drinks. The fireworks were for me amazing! We couldn’t stop looking at the sky. Because of the time and the driver of the bus we must go before the end. But doesn’t matter for me it was the bigger one I Never see even without the end! After everybody took hands together for not losse each other in the big crowd. We were like one big family of 37 people Rire.

This day was full of emotions and we had good dreams in the bus during the way back to Lézignan.

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Oh yes! It was so good to sleep a lot. The whole group needed it. Most of us slept instead of the breakfast,too.
We went by bus to the sea. It was the first time in my life to bath in the sea.For the first time the water was very cold,and we had a strong wind, but when I got used to it,it was ok. It was a really great feeling to play with the waves. I love the sounds of the sea, and I like to touch the sand.

The view of the seaside, especially the rocks on the left reminded me the French impressionist pictures I have seen in art history books. Everything was really relaxing. When we got bored of sunbathing we went to walk and shop. We tried and bought a lot of clothes. Dima bought a kite. It was a great idea. The windy weather was perfect for this game. At the beginning it was difficult for me to keep the balance of the kite and it fell down many times, but after a few trial I could improve my kite-driving skills. :-)


After this nice day the evening was very disappointing for me. We travelled to Carcassone to see the firework. We walked and waited a lot to see the show, but we started to leave before the end to avoid the pressure of the crowd. It wasn´t a good idea. We could notget out from the crowd in time and it was very hard to cooperate and not to loose each other. A lot of cultural differences appeared in this situation and I have some very bad experiences. I hope my opinion will change until the end of this exchange.

Kati and Csilla (Hungary).

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  1. I’m agree with you Kati, the fire works was a important sign of bad communication inside our group… I hope that in next exchanges we’ll be better… But I don’t forget anything, it was a very good moment and you’re all worderfull! Thanks for your letter… I don’t know if you are my secret friend?? Are you? ;o)

  2. everybody know that it wasn’t possible to stay more because of the driver. Everybody want to go on the sea during the day and to the fireworks during the evening… So i’m sorry, but we choose all together with the leaders to made like these…
    Also kati, sometimes it will be great to have some good feeling from you because you are all the time complain and the other enjoy? why?

  3. bales audrey dit :

    It was a fire so beautiful. thank you bibie for this and the other things.

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