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15 July 2007 – Lasts group works and presentations :o)

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Today Morning after breakfast we were finishing our group works.
We had a lot of job for prepare everything: theatre presentation, blog, pictures, newspaper and song for each countries. When everybody was ready, we went to visit the Castle of carcassonne. It is very big!! very beautifull!! Hold buildings make our imagination work and we imagine how did people live here before. We could buy some souvenirs, tastes french candies and visit the « house of horror ».

After this we went to villardonnel for eat a delicious french meal and see some concert in the village. People was very friendly and a lot was dancing or jumping. The music was a kind of old fashion and it give us a special energy after tiring day. In little village parties you can see and undestand better the mentality of french people, than from book or movies!Also Bibie spend time and dance with us it was great to see her have some free time!!emoticone

This day was very very very great we were sharing our emotions in the bus on the way back to Lezignan.

Thanks for this dayLangue
Sasha from estonia

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