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16 July 2007 – The End :’o)

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Today is our last day all together… it’s sad when i think about these. But we have a lot of great things to do together before!! We made a final evaluation, and that great to see that at the end nobody speack More about Food!!!Argent something funny happen about the evaluation of the trip because i made a mistake when I evaluate the trips. I would like to put my place in very happy place for the trips but i put myself in unhappy place. After I saw Mustafa and Bibie speack, they was worried about this unhappy feeling: « hey Mustafa, Look, somebody didn’t like the trips!! wwwhhhaaaaouuuu it’s strange no? »

fter the final evaluation we went to roquefere for eat a great french meal again, may be it was the best one during these exchange, the food was really wonderfull. People was happy with full stomaches and they bstarted at 3 pm the presentation to the local people. some of them come (parents and maire), it was great. At the beginin every country sing a song in their own langage. Then we showed a little piece of theatre wich was discrubing all what we have done during these intensive week. We finished with a picture presentation. After we came back to Lezignan and we finish a final evaluation with another kind of tools.

Each other wrote what did he learn from this exchange, what was wrong and what he will try to do in the future for nature and environement. This day finished with the goodby party. We made a big barbecue, speack, sing dance and give our contacts to each other for stay in touch. Bibie and Maria was a lot busy, it’s a little pity because many people want to enjoy more with them.
But everybody want that bibie give us back our money for travel so she must work and count.

Also Maria collect everything for the newspaper for give it to Bibie. It was little bit sad to see them work when we had fun… the first bus was going at 3 am in the nigth with the finish people. it was a really sad moment, everybody realize that this exchange was too short!!emoticone

The next bus was around 5 in the morning with the estonian, polish and hungarian group…… but estonian people lost the plane because of slowly driver and they stay 4 day more in house with Michel and Bibie, Also with the turkish group because they stay one day more. It was so wonderfull, Michel prepare the Food, Aysun try the snails, Dima was in love with the « Moules », Bibie could enjoy the moment witout preparing any workshop. After these everybody was more and more sad to leave Carcassonne.

Tanks to the ADHC and the Bales familly to Host us…

See you soon my friend. I wait for you in Tallin!

Sasha from estonia

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