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11 July 2007 – Presentation of countries, visit of Windmill in Pradelles

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We started the day of course with breakfast. The group met in the plenary room at 9:30. And as usual people who were late had to dance and sing with their sweat voice. The first session was the presentation of the countries about their energy politics and their nature. Each country showed their presentation to the group and we asked our question and we had a visitor named Frank TURLAN and he told about the clean energy and answered our questions.

Then we played a game named “Tabu”. It was about “Common European Values”. The game is like that; there are two groups and each group select one person. This person has one word to explain to the group and the group should guess the very word in one minute. But the rule is that; there are five words that the player can not use. After that session we were divided in three groups for the “group works” of the project: creating blog, newspaper, picture collecting. And the people in these groups met and prepared their plan for the group work that they will deal with during the project.

After all of these, we had our lunch in the hotel and we were ready to go to visit the “Windmills”. The name of the place is “Pradelles”. It was a bit rainy on that day but the reflections of the people about the visit were positive. We turned to the hotel at 19:00. So we didn’t have the time for group works. Since we were very tired, it must be because of bad weather. We ate our dinner and then we had free time.

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