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13 July 2007 – Visit of Lastours Castles and renewable energy work

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Today the day was starting from tiring wake up. We have spent the day in place named LASTOURS.It s very beutiful place. In this village we have climed at the top of the mountain it was hard because the sun was were strong and shiny. On this mountain were 4 castles. We have a good guid it looks like a very smart persony. He explained as about these castles, it was very interesting. We have visited this archeological area and discovered cimetary, destroyed village and castle ruines. The men has explain the history of those castles and war in medieval period…

So, after we have a free time hole group spent, this time to make a lot of fantastik fotos! Next, we have lunch and we get a special coins of these castles (thanks Bibi)… And we back to Lézignan and a very great person speak about the environment and nature. It was interesting but we are all exhausted! After we play some energiser and do promess for the environment like we will plant trees, put off the light, protect forest, speak with people about environment and recycling solution, cooking with the sun.After that we have a great culture evening of france, finland and turkish.

That s all.

Daniel Estonia
Romain French cool man

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